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Published: 16th June 2010
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Every year there is more demand for the latest gadgets. Anyone who gets a new laptop, MP3 player, Sat-nav or mobile phone is often stuck with what to do with the old device. Thankfully there is an easy way to get cash for recycling old gadgets.

The question of what to do with the old gadget sometimes never gets answered, and with no decisive action taken the gadget just takes up space, gathers dust and slowly loses any of the value it has left. Rather than putting it off there is now a recycling service where you can sell laptops, iPods, MP3 players and Sat-navs with as little hassle as possible. Most people don't want to mess around with stuff they don't use any more.

Now the option is available we can now get rid of the old stuff as soon as we get the new. We might have just got a new mobile phone and we want to keep the old one for a while just to make sure the new one is good enough. Once this time has passed it can be too easy to just forget about the old one. MirrorGoGreen and other mobile phone recycling sites have made it as least hassle as possible to recycle an old handset. The exception with MirrorGoGreen is they also recycle laptops.

Laptop recycling until now has only been possible by simply selling it on. You may have sold to friends, colleagues or on Ebay, which can be quite time consuming. The trouble is, friends or colleagues wouldn't really want your old laptop if it was broken or faulty. Auctioning a laptop could still fetch some cash if it was faulty as there are buyers who are looking for spare parts.

Auctioning may fetch a higher price but has the downside of being unsure of how much will be made and the time to set up the auction. The new alternative is using a dedicated laptop recycling service.

To recycle a laptop and get cash for it there are a few things you must do. Firstly go to the MirrorGoGreen site and either type in the model number of your device directly or find what you want to recycle by manufacturer or device type. Once you have found your device you will be given a box to select what condition you think it's in. Choose either excellent, OK, cosmetic damage or broken. Excellent is where there is very little damage, everything is working and the device is cosmetically excellent. OK is where there may be minor scratches or press marks on the screen. Cosmetic damage is where there may be visible dents, major scratches on the screen or dead pixels. Broken describes a laptop that has a cracked or smashed screen, it doesn't power on or it has missed keys or worse.

Once the condition has been described and you've clicked to the next stage, you will then be quoted with how much they will pay for it. If you are happy with the quote you can then add it to the basket. You can then send the laptop to the address they provide. We recommend you send it by special delivery so that the package is insured and gets there. Once they receive it you will be sent payment by either cheque or direct bank transfer within 7 days. And that's it, easy.

Check out Laptop Recycling on the Sell Old Mobile Phone website or gadget recycling where you can also recycle mobile phones and iPhone and iPod devices.

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